Dentures, Partials, Nightguards and Ortho




Our Premier dentures are ideal for patients who demand the highest quality and most natural look for their teeth.


Our high-quality Elite dentures offer a limited selection of tooth shades and shapes and is an ideal choice for patients who need a balance between esthetics and economics.


Cast Metal Partial

Partial dentures with cast metal frameworks offer the retention and function your patients want.

VALPLAST® Flexible Partial

Valplast® partials are flexible, highly-aesthetic and functional. It can be used as a partial denture or a combination cast framework. This material is a good alternative for patients with sensitivity to acrylics. It is available in: clear, pink and dark. Valplast can be used as partial denture or as a combination cast framework. This material most often a good alternative material for patients with sensitivity to acrylics



  • Maxillary or mandibular arch
  • Flat occlusal surface for even contact of the opposing teeth
  • Three options designed for individuals with bruxing habits (Hard, Soft, Hard/Soft)


4G Dental lab offers a range of Orthodontic appliances including functional appliances, retainers and splints.

Hawley Retainer (Upper or Lower) with Ball Clasps

Space Maintainer

Schwartz Appliance

RPE (Rapid Palate Expander)

Twin Block