Fixed Restorations

Crown and Bridge

4G Dental Lab is proud to offer virtually every fixed restorative product on the market.  Our commitment is to provide the latest technology and best materials at the best pricing in the dental lab industry.   Our comprehensive selection of products are made to keep you on the cutting edge of dentistry.

Metal Free Restorations

Full Zirconia

The 4G Full/Solid Zirconia crowns and bridges are made from 100% pure zirconia from Adite Technology. The Full Zirconia crowns are made at 1200 MPa. With ultimate strength and esthetic appearance this material is ideal for comprehensive indications including posterior crowns and long span bridges.

Esthetic Zirconia

4G’s Esthetic Zirconia is the dentist’s best monolithic option combing proper strength with natural esthetics thanks to gradient color and translucency. This material comes with a MPa strength of 1050 giving the dentist the option to use in a broad range on indications including long span bridges. The gradient colors matches the color transition of natural teeth from cervical to incisal.

Layered Zirconia

Layered Zirconia offers outstanding biocompatibility, strength and maximizes esthetics. The zirconia understructures prevent black lines and graying at the gingival margins. The esthetic restoration is built on a coping composed of incredibly strong zirconium oxide. After the coping is milled using CAD/CAM technology, a high strength ceramic is pressed or layered over the zirconia substructure, resulting in a final restoration that achieves superb fit and attractive translucency.

IPS e.max®

4G’s e.max restorations are ideal for single crowns, 3-unit bridges, veneers, inlays and onlays. This lithium disilicate glass-ceramic is pressed or digitally designed with the use of CAD/CAM technology. This product gives the dentist ultimate esthetics, conventionally cemented in the posterior or anterior regions. This is the ideal combination of esthetics and high flexural strength.

Porcelain Fused to Metal

At 4G Dental Lab, we offer Non-precious, semi-precious (Noble), and High Noble Yellow and White PFM’s. PFM’s are the tried and true union of strength and esthetics. Each PFM restoration comes with the Argen Identalloy alloy certification tag. Indications Our PFM’s can be used for crowns and bridges up to fourteen units. Can be prescribed anywhere in the arch. The 4G PFM’s provide exceptional esthetics and superior strength.